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Every breath counts
Scroll down and read all about breathing and Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILD)
About this edition

About this edition

Every breath counts

Every breath counts…

This is extremely important when it comes to interstitial lung diseases (ILD), as breathing can be significantly impaired. 

But how do you get out of breath? And what does it exactly mean? To better understand this, we will explain you how breathing works, how breathing is measured and what these measures can tell about the status of ILD. We will also show you how general practitioners deal with this, and why it is so important that patients are referred as soon as possible to experts or ILD expert centers for proper diagnosis.

In this edition of BELUNG we also want to bring you up to speed with recent scientific news, ranging from early diagnosis, the latest on cough, and the role of bacteria in our lungs.

Most importantly, we have been in contact with patients, patient organizations, and expert pulmonologists and nurses, all living with or otherwise involved with ILD. We are grateful to share their stories with you. 

Enjoy reading our BELUNG magazine and feel free to share the content.


Breathing tells you a lot

Interview: IPF Patient Hans Hofstee

We need to create as much awareness of IPF as possible. When Hans Hofstee was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), he didn't resign himself to fate.

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Breathing tells you a lot

What happens when you breathe?

Without even noticing, it is something you normally do about twelve to eighteen times per minute: breathing. People at rest breathe about five to eight liters of air in and out every minute. 

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Professor Marjolein Drent

With ILD you are not alone

Interview: Professor Marjolein Drent

A better understanding of the course of interstitial lung diseases. Interstitial or diffuse lung disorders (ILDs) comprise over three hundred diseases. They are the rare birds among the lung diseases. 

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The face of scleroderma

Systemic sclerosis: an unpredictable and rare disease

It can disfigure and disable people and it is potentially fatal.

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Interesting facts on ILD

Air pollution and ILD: there's more to air than meets the eye

As you are reading this article, the chance is pretty big that you are breathing right now. Without even noticing, you are taking in the air around you.

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